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Royalstar Weekly News (No. 28)

Visiting articles

December 16, China University of Science and Technology MBA went to Royalstar smart home full value chain double record center visit research.

During the visit, trainees were attracted by the innovative Royalstar smart home items. When they entered the top ten experience spaces, Xiaoda and Chun-tree controlled the whole-house system demonstration, all of whom were amazed.

At the end of the event, the exhibition guide devoted participants to a detailed introduction of Royalstar's corporate strategy of seeking a new transformation and transformation through a double-start mechanism. In the analysis, according to the different needs of different phases of Maker Maker, Royalstar gave the strategy of giving support to the nine elements of Maker in a targeted manner and won the warm applause of the participants.

December 14, Hefei brand benchmarking expert group visit Royalstar visit research. When visiting the Shuangchuang Exhibition Hall, the delegation said that through this research, there is a new understanding of Royalstar, an old national brand, which completely subverts the previous impression.

In the following brand diagnosis training, experts answered questions about a series of questions put forward by employees participating in the training on brand planning and brand management. Through this training, everyone has a clearer understanding of the brand concept, I believe that for the brand building and advocacy work will make a more comprehensive development plan.

December 12, Pishan County grassroots cadres and their entourage Royalstar smart home full value chain ShuangChuang Center.

Scene, an array of smart single product impact everyone's attention. Today's Royalstar seems to have successfully transitioned from the initial home appliance business to IoT companies. In the course of its development, Royalstar effectively developed its own advantageous resources, repositioned the Group's development strategy with "double creation", promoted the industrialization of scientific research results, and actively implemented the transformation from "entrepreneur" to "entrepreneurial promoter" The scale of development in the home industry, to achieve a double, leapfrog development. Pishan County grassroots cadres Royalstar smart home in the entire value chain industry achievements made sincerely lamented.

On December 14, Zhang Dezhong, party secretary of the second party branch of the government-enterprise customer department of China Telecom, and all party members, activists joining the party and employee representatives visited Royalstar for study.

During the survey, visitors had a keen interest in Royalstar bathroom series and self-heating floor products and said that Royalstar really combined the design of smart single product with the different needs of the mass family to fully consider the consumer's Practical needs.

At the symposium, Zhang Dezhong and other leaders listened to Royalstar's double-hit report and said: Having previously learned less about the inter-bank companies, Royalstar really brought us an unexpected shock today by coming to the site for personal experience. Subsequently, both sides discussed the construction of "smart home" and other contents in depth.

In the future, Royalstar will further promote "double creation" and better implement the principles and policies of "public entrepreneurship and innovation" and achieve higher-level development.

Participation articles

The 29th China Economic News Contest and the 2016 China Economic News Awards Ceremony were held on the 14th in Caijiapo, Qishan County, Shanxi Province. Pan Gang, secretary of the Chinese Association of Recordors, Mo Xin Yuan, president of China Economic Media Association, was invited to attend the meeting. Pan Bao Chun, chairman of Hefei Royalstar Electronics Group, won the 2016 China Economic News.

Hefei Royalstar Electronics Group since the start of a double record, under the leadership of Chairman Pan Baochun, a wide range of creative team to absorb customers and improve research and development, production and management capabilities, out of a path of scientific development. Up to now, the Group has successfully established 440 new projects around smart home, driving more than 1,000 new jobs and effectively making outstanding contributions to the real economy in the region.

December 16, with the strong support of Hefei municipal government, Hefei Economic Commission, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Financial Office, Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, Municipal Real Estate Board, City Brand Research The jointly organized "Symposium on Innovative Cooperation and Promotion of Real Estate Development between Banks and Enterprises" was held in the fertilizer industry as scheduled. At the meeting, business representatives conducted in-depth discussions on such hot topics as corporate brand building and real economy development.

At the meeting, Hefei Royalstar Electronics Group won the honor of "Brand Innovation Leading Enterprise". Wind and rain all the way, Royalstar to be honored, can not be separated from the party committees and governments at all levels of care and guidance. Next, Royalstar will continue to accelerate the pace of business innovation and entrepreneurship, brand building, and promote industrial prosperity!

December 15, 2017 China (Hefei) big data industry development summit and "Hefei night" IT annual meeting held in Hefei, Hefei Royalstar Electronics Group was invited to attend.

This summit is the first big data industry summit in Hefei and Anhui Province, with the theme of "aggregation, opening up and ecology".

With the continuous development of new technologies, Royalstar, in response to the new requirements of the new era, speeds up the construction of digital industries, better serve the economic and social development in our country and further promote the development of the big data industry in Hefei.

Honor articles

Recently, Royalstar Solar Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Royalstar Electronics Group, was awarded the title of "Outstanding Enterprise for Environmental Labeling Products in China" in 2016. Central United (Beijing) Certification Center, as the sole certification body designated by the MEP, awarded the award-winning enterprises with certificates and medals.

It is understood that environmental labeling product certification is the most authoritative green products, environmental product certification, known as the "ten ring certification." After passing a series of document audits, on-site verification, sample testing and multi-criteria auditing, Royalstar Solar Co., Ltd. has reached the test standard for national environmental labeling products.

In addition, a large number of products of Royalstar Solar passed the certification of environmental labeling products of the United Certification Center in Central and verified once again that while Royalstar vigorously promoted technological innovation around the project, it also achieved environmental protection and resource conservation through emission reduction and environmental protection Scientific development concept.

Training articles

On December 16, in order to enhance the scientific, safe, effective and reasonable operation of warehouse management, Royalstar Electronics Group conducted a counterpart training on the theme of "win-win cooperation between industry and finance through cooperation and cooperation among all the staffs in the project units".

This training aims to make everyone more aware of the importance of warehouse management: warehouse as the company's products and finished products scattered ground, a heavy responsibility. In the latter part of the series, we will also train with a series of topics to enhance the cost awareness of our staff. In future work, we will reduce waste to a minimum through the protection and control of materials, effectively reduce operating costs and increase profits.

Channel articles

December 14, Royalstar solar energy CS investment conference held in Hefei in December.

In this meeting, the relevant staff of the enterprise gave detailed explanations on the organizational structure, CS strategic mode and solar energy engineering technology and application of the enterprise, so that the participating partners intend to have a more comprehensive understanding of the operation mode of the company.

After several lively exchanges and interactions on site, when signing the contract, the enthusiasm of the partners pushed the atmosphere of the conference to its peak and the investment conference was drawn to a successful conclusion.

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